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Health Information Exchange

Using technology to share patient information across the system — and even beyond Dignity Health — breaks down the traditional silos of care and enhances our providers’ ability to coordinate care across the spectrum while empowering patients to participate in their own health care solutions.

Cerner Health Information Exchange (HIE) is our HIE platform, which allows us to share clinical information with more than 10,000 affiliated and community physicians and our 39 hospitals across three states. The technology is foundational to our clinical integration strategy.

As of December 2018, 69 percent of participating clinical staff in Dignity Health’s clinically integrated networks are provisioned on the Cerner HIE provider portal.

In addition, Dignity Health providers that use Cerner’s EHR in their practices are connected to Cerner Community View, a solution that links many large health systems, including but not limited to Kaiser Permanente, Stanford Health Care, Department Veterans Affairs, UCSF, CVS Minute Clinic, UC Davis, Sutter Health, Providence Health & Services, and more. Community View also offers the ability to view data via various regional and state HIEs.

Dignity Health providers access Community View more than 3,000 times (patient encounters) a day. Through our participation in local and state HIEs, as well as national networks that are connected to Community View, our clinicians are empowered with the information they need to give the most accurate diagnoses and to provide the best care. This means physicians have a clearer picture of a patient’s recent medical history.

Moving forward in FY 2018 and beyond, our IT team will continue to work with our providers and clinics to deploy EHR systems that integrate smoothly into their workflows, help address gaps in care and make it easy for them to access the records they need when they need them to provide the highest-quality care.

“Community View is a real game changer. Many patients I am caring for traverse in and out of the Dignity Health system, and now having the ability to see the patient in a larger context and view previous clinical notes, labs and reports makes for a better handoff and facilitates care that is higher quality, more efficient and less costly. Providers and patients both win!”

Dr. Francisco Rhein, Hospitalist
CMIO Bay Area Service Area