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Dignity Health Insights Analytics

Population Health’s thirst for data to power the athena platform is at the core of Dignity Health Insights (DHI) Analytics. Serving to directly enable Population Health objectives, DHI Analytics has evolved into a data hub for athena Population Health. The team’s mission is to enhance the quality of care and to reduce costs by aggregating internal and external data sources into a hub to predict, manage and deliver unique insights. Beyond being able to aggregate information for use with the Population Health program, the DHI team of physician informaticists, data scientists, clinical analysts, IT programmers and developers has been able to uniquely deliver insights back into operational workflow that extends across the continuum of care.

In 2017, the team built and deployed several inpatient tools including:

SMART Care Transition (SCT). Proper discharge planning has proven to reduce readmissions and decrease the cost of health care. The SCT app provides unique, thought-out management insights, real-time length-of-stay (LOS) management and readmission-risk scoring that enhances the care coordination team’s ability to manage risk for at-risk patients.

Antibiotic Stewardship. This application enables rapid lookup of the inpatient antibiotic provider and facility utilization of all high-cost antibiotics. Integrating basic information from clinical, financial and quality data systems to support further analysis, this app creates opportunities to identify high-cost, high-utilization drugs and their days of therapy, and to recommend potential alternatives to reduce utilization. In addition, utilization trends in drugs of interest can be tracked by service area, facility and more.

Global Patient Search (GPS). This product enables the rapid lookup of inpatient encounters by any condition (using ICD-10 and DRG codes) or demographic attribute of a custom cohort of patients. This provides the chance to identify areas of opportunity for various outcome parameters by generating and comparing cohorts, and offers an avenue to request encounter-level cohort information for further analysis.

Sepsis Dashboard. The Sepsis Dashboard was created to monitor outcomes and key performance indicators (KPIs) of the Dignity Health sepsis program in near real time and apply an accountability model for program performance. Current calculations show that 317 lives were saved in 2017 due to the combined efforts of the sepsis program tools, processes and people dedicated to identifying and responding to sepsis. The program has resulted in a $28 million savings from length of stay and ICU stay reductions from FY16-FY18.