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Digital Care Transformation

Dignity Health provides patients with tools to enhance their care experience and to improve their self-care for various conditions. In collaboration with the Population Health and Care Coordination programs, we have implemented tools to assist with patient management between visits, decreasing the likelihood of unexpected emergency department/urgent care visits or hospitalizations.

These projects include:

  • Livongo Healthcare, which allows Dignity Health to provide our patients with diabetes access to a data-enabled glucose meter, supplies, coaching and other products and services.
  • The MyBaby app, which helps expectant mothers have a healthier pregnancy through information and connecting them to nurse support.
  • An Apple partnership that allows Dignity Health patients who are iPhone users to access and visualize their health records via the phone’s Health app.
  • The Propeller Health Asthma Platform, which provides detailed information about patterns of medication use and notifies providers about patients with worsening asthma control. A randomized controlled study conducted at Dignity Health’s Woodland Clinic Medical Group and recently published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice demonstrated that it improved asthma control.

Enabling this type of innovation within an organization of Dignity Health’s size and complexity requires a commitment to wholesale organizational change. Through a culture dedicated to continual releases, versions and improvements, the Office of Digital will be able to continue to accomplish and surpass its aims.

Clinical Outcomes: Aggregated with Other Health Systems

Using predictive analytics tools to look at various parameters such as air pollution, temperature, humidity and others to predict the likelihood of an asthma event, the Propeller platform showed the following results compared with baseline numbers, demonstrating the tool’s effectiveness.