Aim Overview

1. Improving the Patient Experience

After a clinic visit, patients receive a Press Ganey CG-CAHPS patient satisfaction survey. Dignity Health’s commitment to humankindness is at the core of patient experience. We use the feedback to better understand and improve upon our patient experience. 

DHMG-North State and DHMG-Sequoia were above the National Press Ganey 75th Percentile Ranking (over 1,000 facilities) for overall mean score for patient experience in 2017.

2. Ensuring Better Outcomes and Healthier Patients

Health outcomes improve when providers and patients focus their efforts on key areas. Physicians in our clinically integrated networks are committed to following evidence-based quality measures to improve patient outcomes.

SOURCE: GPRO survey data 2017

3. Lowering the Overall Cost of Care

Changes in the way we operate and provide care can lead to important shifts in measures like inpatient rehabilitation facility utilization and skilled-nursing facility length of stay. Those changes translate into improved care for patients and savings.

4. Improving the Provider Experience

Our providers use par8o to efficiently manage referrals, making it easier to refer patients to specialists and community services — and increasing referral rates within our own system.