Improved Clinician Experience: Caring for the Care Providers

Part of ensuring a better experience for clinicians at Dignity Health requires a focus on the prevention and management of provider burnout — among physicians and nurses.

In 2016, Dignity Health’s Arizona Service Area sponsored the pilot of a commercially available self-assessment tool, WELL-BEING INDEX by MedEd Solutions, to gain individualized feedback on physician wellness, job satisfaction and burnout. The confidential, web-based tool was co-developed by and deployed at the Mayo Clinic and is now used by more than 40 major health systems across the U.S. Dignity Health has adopted this tool for our clinical providers, giving them access to valuable supportive resources.

Following the pilot, chief physician executives in additional service areas — including Nevada, Southern California, GSSA and the California GME programs — have deployed this tool and analyzed their regional results. In addition, local events have been held to discuss physician well-being and address some of the key contributors.

Dignity Health nurse research leaders and Dr. Keith Frey, Chief Physician Executive for Dignity Health Arizona, have also launched research studies, in partnership with Arizona State University, to further examine key drivers for bedside nurse burnout. The research will be expanded to include other clinicians as preliminary results are reviewed.