About the Practice Transformation Subcommittee

The Practice Transformation Subcommittee was created to assist with operationalizing clinical pathways, enhancing practice workflows and deploying new technologies to better perform on the quality measures and other metrics that determine success in value-based arrangements.

The 12-member subcommittee, made up of physicians, operational leads and support staff from across Dignity Health, is responsible for assisting practices transforming to value-based care and practice by:

  • Developing a standard format in which the Dignity Physician Integration team will create, distribute and revise any materials that will support the clinical guidelines from the Quality Subcommittee and other entities creating content to support success in VBA performance. These materials might include flow diagrams, toolkits and tip sheets.
  • Defining standardized implementation timelines and milestones for subcommittee content, as well as leveraging change-management strategies to help the CINs implement any new programs, or to support any currently implemented programs.
  • Identifying the need for additional technologies to solve clinical/operational challenges and working with IT and other entities to vet vendor solutions.