The Dignity Health Employer Relations Program has worked to deepen our partnerships with local employers and to address their vital health plan challenges: an increased demand among employers for higher-quality, value-based health care options and affordable integrated care management.

Our Employer Relations Program now has approximately 13,500 lives under management in the following geographies:

Arizona Care Network – Metro Phoenix

Arizona Care Network (ACN), a Dignity Health joint venture CIN, is the delivery system partner for Intel, offering Connected Care AZ to Intel’s Arizona employee population. This customized plan delivers a high-touch, highly coordinated health care experience.

Since its launch in 2016, this collaborative employer relations model has achieved:

  • Improved quality performance year over year with outcomes better than Intel’s non-Connected Care employees
  • Year-over-year plan growth greater than 10 percent, with 7,100 enrolled for 2019
  • Using ACN’s active referral management technology, 80 percent of referrals stay in the network, which supports care collaboration
  • Improved cost efficiency over other Intel plan options
  • High member satisfaction with their access to timely, high-quality health care: 97 percent would recommend an ACN provider

Central Coast Service Area

In 2015, the Employer Relations Program initiated a pilot in partnership with SCICN-VC and Dignity Health’s Employee Plan at St. John’s Regional Medical Center and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital.

The pilot began with 860 members supported by a network of 290 providers in 2015 and has grown to 3,600 members supported by a network of 375 providers in 2018. The pilot has transitioned to a formal contractual arrangement to include quality measures and shared savings.

Throughout the second year, in-network utilization and reduced high-cost claimants as a percentage of costs improved. In 2018, we also added 6,200 members from Dignity Health’s Employee Plan and Pacific Central Coast Health Centers Plan in the North Central Coast.

Greater Sacramento Service Area

The Employer Relations Program facilitated a strategic collaboration between Dignity Health, Dignity Health Medical Foundation, Mercy Medical Group, Inc. and Hill Physicians Medical Group to serve as a Delivery Service Provider (DSP) for a corporate health care benefit program.

This collaboration establishes a preferred network of select Mercy Medical Group and Hill Physicians Medical Group providers, along with Mercy Imaging Centers and Dignity Health hospitals, that will provide patient care and population health management services to the company’s employees and their dependents in the Sacramento area. For 2018, approximately 3,700 members were enrolled. These members received concierge-level service, interconnectivity between providers and facilities, and enhanced clinical coordination with a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) team focused on preventive care.

Central Coast Market – Ventura

For the majority of our members, their care is being managed by their primary care physician, who is looking after their overall health and can address chronic illnesses, annual wellness checks and other preventive health needs.

By contrast, an unmanaged member may see a specialist to address symptoms or illnesses as they arise, but the lack of regular and preventive care tends to lead to a higher risk of disease and complications.

Approximately 64 percent of our member population is under the care of a PCP with the majority attributed to SCICN providers, reflecting that our growing SCICN provider network is more robust and able to meet the needs of the majority of members.

Incurred Medical Claims:
Total Cost – High-Cost Claimants as a Percentage of Total Lives

Through our care coordination and integrated care management efforts over the past few years, we have helped to reduce the overall cost incurred by high-cost claimants (those claimants >$100k) from 25 percent in 2015 to 14 percent in 2017.