Connected Community Network

Dignity Health has launched the Connected Community Network (CCN) to optimize the transition of patients from the hospital to supportive resources that meet their health and social needs in community settings. Supported by a referral technology and agreements with community providers of health and social services both inside and outside of Dignity Health, the CCN works to identify and meet the ongoing medical and health-related social needs of patients following a clinical episode. By focusing first on our most vulnerable patients, we’re able to act where we can make the biggest difference in the lives of patients. Currently CCN is located in Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Since its initial launch and expansion, more than 7,500 referrals were sent to more than 380 programs across 19 Dignity Health hospitals. The programs range from smoking cessation, substance abuse treatment, shelter referrals and homeless services to diabetes management, Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and elder adult day health care, as well as various support groups.

CCN Phase 1: Referrals to Dignity Health Programs

Phase 1 involves referrals made to Dignity Health Community Health Programs.
The baseline number of referrals prior to CCN in most sites is zero.

With the go-live of the CCN and electronic referral system we have rapidly increased the number of referrals to both Dignity Health and external community resources.

CCN Phase 2: Referrals to External Community Resources

Phase 2 involves an electronic referral to a community partner for specific community-based resources (for example, meals on wheels, medication-assisted treatment programs and so on).