A Look at Dignity
Health’s CINs

Southern California Integrated Care Network

Dignity Health created the SCICN Accountable Care Organization, which includes two SCICN chapters — Inland Empire and Venture County — as well as the Dignity Health Medical Foundation in California. The MSSP ACO has more than 44,000 total enrollees; SCICN Ventura has 8,500 of those lives and SCICN Inland Empire has 976. Additionally, SCICN has over 4,500 Blue Shield lives (Ventura has 3,900 of those), and SCICN Ventura has 3,600 Employer Relation lives. Both chapters expect to have additional lives in 2019 through contracts with United and Anthem.


Southern California Integrated Care Network - Inland Empire continues to expand, while maintaining a strong focus on quality improvements. As part of SCICN-IE’s diabetes initiative to support network physicians in addressing the high incidence of patients with uncontrolled diabetes in the area, the network:

  • Hosted a monthly chronic disease management meeting to review all patients with diabetes (controlled vs. uncontrolled) and to develop a pathway that ensures follow-up for patients with rising A1Cs.
  • Increased patient/PCP engagement with care coordination and provided educational resources to patients. The MSSP population experienced a 7 percent decrease in uncontrolled A1Cs, while IEHP Dual patients saw a 5 percent decrease.
  • In 2018, a formalized care coordination program deployed, increasing patient engagement from 26.5 percent in 2017 to 32.4 percent at the end of the second quarter of 2018. Care coordination received a 99.1 percent positive experience reported through patient satisfaction surveys.


Southern California Integrated Care Network – Ventura County has continued to grow, significantly increasing the number of ob/gyn physicians, hospitalists and physical therapists. The network also closed gaps in the specialty areas of rheumatology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery and pain medicine. Overall, the network has grown more than 25 percent since January of 2017.

SCICN-VC has contracted a part-time medical director to assist in the oversight of the quality program’s objectives, goals and strategies. The medical director developed a proposal for a Quality Committee alliance across all Dignity Health CINs/ACOs, led efforts to develop new lipid guidelines and steered the network toward an improvement in its quality measures scores for blood pressure control and diabetes.


Overall MIPS performance for the SCICN accountable care organization (ACO) participants was positive. The final score of 92.76 will result in a positive payment adjustment of 1.49 percent for SCICN ACO participants.

In addition, SCICN completed its first year of MSSP participation. The ACO’s MSSP Quality performance was in line with 2016 national averages, and the ACO scored above the national average in the following categories: BMI, Tobacco Screening and Follow-Up, Statin Therapy and Diabetes A1C control.

Shared Savings

SCICN shared news of its first Shared Savings distribution in 2018. The network had entered into a Shared Savings Agreement with Dignity Health in 2015 to be the exclusive Tier 1 network for the employees of St. John’s Regional and Pleasant Valley hospitals. The program’s intent is to improve the health of the patient population, improve the patient experience and reduce the members’ overall cost of health care.

Care Coordination

SCICN-VC’s Care Coordination team continues to make a positive impact on patients’ quality of life. In fact, one of the SCICN-VC Care Coordination team’s patient success stories was featured on a major statewide health plan’s website, showcasing the program’s value.

SCICN-VC currently has 108 members enrolled in the Care Coordination program. SCICN-VC averages an additional 250 patient outreach calls per month for transitional care and wellness.