A Look at Dignity
Health’s CINs

Arizona Care Network

Arizona Care Network (ACN) is jointly owned by Dignity Health and Abrazo Community Health Network. Located in the metro Phoenix region, Arizona Care Network continues to expand, adding new primary care providers to the network as well as several value-based contracts with commercial payers, and the network’s first direct-to-employer arrangement for Intel Corp.

While the savings are impressive, clinical quality serves as the gateway to shared savings, and driving quality improvements requires a 360-degree approach, surrounding both providers and patients with the tools and resources needed to achieve improved health care outcomes and reduced cost of care.

Mercy Care Plan and Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care

Integration of state medical and behavioral health programs better serves the Arizona residents with behavioral health conditions. Mercy Care Plan and Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care (MMIC) contracted with ACN to manage a portion of their attributed population, approximately 100,000 patients, more than 8,000 of whom were determined to have serious mental illness.

ACN behavioral health coaches attend medical and behavioral health appointments with the patients, partnering with their providers to support collaboration, remove roadblocks that could jeopardize patient progress, source and connect them with social services, and support their families in helping to manage their ongoing needs.

In 2018, ACN opened three Mercy Care Clinics throughout the area to support the complex needs of the Mercy Care population. ACN will staff these clinics with a social worker, population health medical assistant, behavioral health coach, RN care coordinator and a navigator.

Expanded Leadership

  • ACN expanded its clinical leadership team, adding Officer; and Jennifer Brooks, RN, Executive Director of Clinical Services.
  • The network also added new leadership in essential functions such as Analytics, Care Coordination, Information Technology, Marketing and Communications and Practice Transformation.

Awards and Recognition

  • ACN was named “One of 110 ACOs to Know in 2017” by the industry’s premier business publication.
  • ACN met the criteria for high-performing ACOs in a recent report by the U.S. Office of the Inspector General. The report noted that a small subset of high-performing ACOs showed substantial reductions in Medicare spending for key services and made cost-effective changes in utilization while providing high-quality care.

Transitional Care Programs

  • To help prevent readmissions and improve continuity of care, ACN launched a transitional program where navigators monitor patients and work with hospital staff, the patient, and the patient’s PCP to ensure patients are seen within seven days of discharge.
  • The network is also building a SNF to Home program, where “transitionalists” will visit recently discharged patients in their homes as well as provide a warm hand-off back to the PCP for continuing care.

ACN continues to mature and is realizing the promise of its potential to improve the health of our patients while reducing the total cost of care.